About me

My interest in photography started with my sons as little models but soon moved on to macro, landscape, street portraits, travel and wedding…..:D

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I picked up a canon 350D in 2007 and never looked back since, I pride myself for capturing “the moment” when everything is so spontaneous and candid. I’ve upgraded my camera body to canon 5D and used canon 500D as a back up. I would describe my photography style as more candid and photojournalistic when it comes to capturing emotions.

If you like to engage me for events such as weddings, please email me at for quote.


I love travelling too. Love taking photos of the local people, the scenic places, experiencing the local culture and tasting the delicious food. Here’s a collection of my travel pictures over the past few years.

Japan Story

Japan Story

Scenic China

A glimpse into Siam Reap


Welcome to Taiwan

Sunrise/ reflections

All copyrights of the pictures posted are reserved by me. Please write to me for permission if you wish to use my photo, be it by downloading or even by saving as screenshot.



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