From clients:

Once again, thank you very much for your kind and generous arrangement, both Patrick and myself were impressed with the wedding photographs as it captured the moments.  We are pleased that you are able to capture the true moments without us realizing that make this moment so real; touches our hearts for all.

It is for the reasons of service that I wish to draw your attention; where we noticed you have genuinely took great effort to anticipate our needs, delivered a remarkable experience at that point of time in my life.

Lastly, I chanced upon this quote on web and it does summed up my thoughts on you for this – “Every picture is a stolen moment from your life… one know’s how many moments we have….so capture a few of them to mark your journey…”

We are grateful to have you in our life journey. Keep up the good work.


Patrick & Kelly


Never judge a book by it’s cover.

At first sight, KM looks unassuming and small sized compared to those flashy and flamboyant photographer, very different from the usual perception of a big sized and eccentric photographer.

However what lies beneath is an amazing photographer

She has an acute sense of judgment for good shots, she’s like an energizer battery that never tires, she’s accommodating and positive.

On 2 occasions where both my friend and I engaged KM for our AD wedding, she did a good job to make us feel that we were her number one priority. She believes in treating people with honesty and doing her best. We were impressed by her willingness to spend a good amount of time with us and the fact that she is open to our suggestions . She will work hard to deliver photographs that you love to see and be proud of.

Appreciate it,
Stanley and Jasmine




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